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NurseHack4Health 2020 Hackathon

NurseGPS won the NurseHack4Health 2020 Hackathon.

Nurse Hack 4 Health: COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon

Microsoft Podcast

Microsoft Podcast with interviews of the NurseHack4Health winners, including NurseGPS.

Empowering Nurse Innovation in the NurseHack4Health: First Virtual Hackathon

Empowering Nurse Innovation in the NurseHack4Health: COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon

Johnson & Johnson blog on the NurseHack4Health hackathon.

Johnson & Johnson Blog

Subbu Venkat, MBA

Subbu grew up in Chennai, India. Graduated from Annamalai University with a Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Moved to USA to complete Masters in Computer Science at Mississippi State University, Masters in Industrial Management and MBA in Healthcare Administration from Pennsylvania University. Worked at Siemens USA as Six Sigma Black Belt for 8 years in the Energy, Medical Equipment and Supply Chain divisions. Transitioned to Hospital Process Improvement in 2009. Since 2009 worked for 4 Hospital Systems as Management Engineer. Currently Sr. Lean Six Sigma Specialist at University of Texas Southwestern Health System in Dallas, Texas.

Headshot of Mary Kavalam

Mary Kavalam RN, EdD

Mary is a Clinical Project Scientist, Associate Director in R&D at Janssen, The pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson. Mary has 8 years experience in Clinical Development in the pharmaceutical industry bringing innovative diabetes drugs to patients and also has over 20 years experience as a Critical Care bedside nurse and an earned Doctorate in Education from Columbia University. Mary has seen first hand the pain points experienced by nurses at the bedside and is passionate about helping nurses find solutions for their patients.

Julie Gerlinger RN, MSN, CMSRN

Julie is a nurse and at the end of the day she loves to work, take care of patients and fellow healthcare workers. From the early days back in the stone age, she has loved to innovate and solve problems and has done it in many roles, so it is about time she is doing something useful for folks off her unit or in her immediate sphere. She brings the worst jokes to the meetings and doesn’t know when to shut up. Her teammates are kind to her which is why she is in such awe of their skills. Currently Julie is plotting her next scheme in her progression toward world domination or something like that…

Headshot of Ian Kerman

Ian Kerman

Ian is an innovator and software developer with a background in bioinformatics. He has experience in machine learning, IoT, and GIS and has worked with several programming frameworks

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